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With an emergency team of technicians & professionals, AC Service Dubai is usually available and with years of experience within the air con field Our services, including ac installation, ac maintenance & ac repair are recognized because the best throughout Dubai. after you need AC maintenance, think about us. We are the leading service provider with a team of pros who have work experience in Dubai and have a knowledge of virtually all the key & minor troubleshoots of your aircon unit. we offer maintenance, repair and gas top-up services for all major brands and kinds of air con units.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We can provide expert 24 hour Emergency Service available to you 365 days a year for your all you’re Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) needs.

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25 Years Experience

We have over 25 years experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry (HVAC). We believe in quality customer service.

We are here when you need us to service both your residential and commercial properties!



There are plenty of those who don’t pay much heed to the importance of the upkeep of assorted household appliances. this can be because they are doing not have enough awareness and that they don’t realize their importance until the time they become completely useless. this can be true for all the household appliances including AC. Therefore, if the users select regular AC maintenance, the appliance can last for an extended time and might have a productive life throughout.



A great percentage of AC users think that the sole time to listen to their AC is that the summer season. Well, that’s an entire misconception. The responsible AC users keep calling the professionals annually so as to let their AC units inspected on regular basis. As a results of this regular AC repair, the little problems will be prevented from getting converted into the larger problems. during this way the upkeep will be wiped out a value effective way. Especially if you’re living in an exceedingly country like UAE, where you can’t survive without having an AC unit at your home or work place, you want to pay plenty of attention to the AC maintenance Dubai. Following are a number of the items that has to be considered by the AC users for ensuring that their system works properly.


If someone has an AC unit that’s getting old (that you acquire around 7 to eight years ago), then it’s important to stay covering both its indoor and outdoor units during the winter season. whether or not you’ve got a replacement AC unit, it’s advisable to hide it when it’s not in use for a few months. It guarantees to prevent the dust, dead leaves and other dirt to enter the AC.


The AC unit must be cleared from the plain blockades like shrubs, small pieces of paper and other forms of things which will create hindrance within the flow of air. If you’re thinking that there are plenty of such materials inside your AC, then you ought to contact an AC Service Dubai Company.


During the spring season, it’s better to travel for a test run so you’ll be able to confirm that whether the AC is functioning properly within the expected way or not. If it doesn’t work properly, you’ll be able to select the AC service in Dubai; during this way your AC are able to provide you with a chilling effect during the summers.


AC is built with several complex and delicate components such as capacitors, evaporator coils, and thermostats. There are some critical programs encrypted within them. Therefore, any rough handling of the equipment or any other external factor can cause damage in any of these components and your AC will malfunction. As a result, it will no longer relay cold air at all. Given below is the list of external factors which can cause an error in your AC:


  • Your Air conditioner has leakage in its refrigerants
  • Your Air conditioner system does not have the proper level of refrigerant
  • The Contactors have become burnt and pitted, after extensive use over the years
  • Overheating of the capacitors
  • Failing of the capacitors
  • Overheating and failure of the compressor
  • Dirty outdoor and indoor coils
  • Accumulation of dust within the AC filter, drain pipe or any other part
  • Exposure of the thermostat to bright sunlight
  • Arcing and pitting on the contractor
  • Overheating of the breaker or fuse
  • Faulty installation
  • Lack of maintenance or servicing

The moment you come across any of these issues in your AC, feel free to connect with for an emergency AC repair. We offer various ranges of Air Conditioning Repairing services at a pocket-friendly price.


AC Repair and Maintenance Services:

  • Split Air Conditioning Units
  • Duct Type Air Conditioning Units
  • Installation of Air Conditioning Systems in Homes, Offices, educational institutions, and industrial setups
  • Maintenance and repair of Air Conditioning systems at homes, offices, educational institutions, and industrial setups
  • Installation of Ducted Type Air Conditioning Systems
  • Delivery of urgent Air Conditioning fixing services
  • Air-conditioner Fan Motors replacement and repair
  • Air Conditioning Units Installation
  • Air Conditioning Units Servicing and maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Units Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Units Electrical Faults Fixing

Why choose our Air Conditioning Service in Dubai?

Whenever you opt for any Air conditioning services, the first thing that you look for is the satisfaction that you can derive from the services. If you find that the services are guaranteed and fail-proof, then you will definitely choose that one as it will ensure that your entire home is cooled when it needs to be the most and if your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer, you won’t have the need to hire any repairman for that by paying additional charges.


We are the best AC repair company when it comes to AC repair, service, and maintenance and thus, we certainly prove to be the most reliable and excellent service providers in Dubai and other parts of U.A.E. Furthermore, for this reason, we would strongly recommend you our excellent quality residential AC repair which ensures smooth functioning of your cooling system on a sustainable basis. Have a look at the following list of benefits that our team at UAE Technician offers as it might help in changing your mind.


Proper AC repair and replacement services are provided- If the repairing services are taken lightly, then you might end up with damaging the machine and it might potentially hurt your budget. We ensure you that the repair and replacement of AC are done efficiently here. Whether it’s installation or repairing of a mechanical device, it’s done here by applying the best tools and techniques. Our AC Repair Services is inclusive of proper procedures for the most efficient and smooth running of your AC.


Increase the Longevity of Your Equipment- When your air conditioning unit is repaired under the expertise of a technician, there are higher chances that your unit will last longer. We provide repairs for all the bolts, seals and electrical connections, for optimizing the longevity of your equipment.


Our Air Conditioning Fixing services are guaranteed- If any repairs or replacements have been provided for your AC and after some days, you suddenly found that it stopped working again, it might dissatisfy you. What to do next? Don’t worry, just contact our experts and they will fix the issue without charging you even a penny if your product is still in the warranty period.

If you’re in Dubai and looking for an expert of air-condition or water filter installation services, then our company can be the perfect choice for you. Our team of experts at UAE Technician offers the best home ac repair services to keep your home cool all year round and thus gained vast experience and reputation in this industry. We offer streamlined Air Conditioning Maintenance and Air Conditioning Installation services as per your convenient time and place. We also serve those customers whose Air Conditioner has been installed by other companies. So, rest assured, you will get only the best from our diligent experts.